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8 thoughts on “Noah

  1. JS says:

    Ощущения: не просто песня…песнь… кинофильм?… спектакль?… может, чуть точнее: мистерия?… феерия?… таинство?… действо?… сон?… может, еще точнее: монументальная живопись?… но совсем точно — Искусство…


  2. JS says:

    The frost was stealing puddles in
    Up and down the torched highways


  3. JS says:

    The clouds were flocking, feathering
    In heaven that’s not opened eyes yet


  4. JS says:

    The torrents chilling out, breaking up
    Against imploring faces
    The pages full of memory washed down
    Wiping out, effacing


  5. JS says:

    The break-up of the dawn
    Hid hoping forlorn


  6. JS says:

    Remember, Noah, it’s finished
    It’s over, the blank page of senses
    The green uproar has blown
    from calendars away
    All values

    * The clouds flocking…(without “were”)
    ** The shades of the dawn…


  7. JS says:

    A thunderbolt gale
    Over the rain

    Burying hearth and homes
    And the water guffaws


  8. JS says:

    Thru the velvet of gingery hair a wave gently slips
    In unfeeling and beautiful eyes is reflected the light
    Water falling apart
    Softly kissing good-bye on the lips


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