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Dead internal NIC

Thanks @Lnx2Mac: for the driver and great work, @Locmer: for the post here:

My Gygabite NIC suddenly died. I’ve never believed in unpowering and waiting, but I’ve seen an evidence of its usefulness just now! It started after my experiments with external PCI card: I’ve found my NIC dead after some testings. Nothing helped: neither BIOS reflash, nor Smart LAN tests. No lights when the cord is plugged in, no life signs in any OS. I gave up and considered buying another NIC to make my Logic Pro plugins work, as well as iMessage and FaceTime. Luckily I came across with Locmer’s post before the purchase. Thank you so much! Keep sharing! So, here are the steps to make it work again:

– Disable wake on lan in the Bios
– Remove power cord
– Remove Network cable
– press the power on switch to drain the capacitors and any remaining power in the PSU
– wait 5 minutes (I’d like to test if this is really needed)
– plug power cable back
– plug network cable back
– press power switch
– press thumbs 😉


Logic Pro 9, 32-bit AU bridge and Mavericks

So far, I upgraded to “the best operating system ever” and have been struck by surprise: Logic Pro 9 didn’t see my 32-bit plugins I couldn’t live without.

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Logic Pro System Overload message the only solution

Well, the friend would say that the best solution to System Overload issue is to switch to Pro Tools/Cubase, but to those who are not loosing faith in Logic the following is dedicated.

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Full screen apps in MacOS X 10.6.8 Snow Leopard

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Snow Leopard vs Mountain Lion vs Lion

So, one experiment/test. Now I have MacbookPro 6.2 (Early 2010) and I’m testing my favorite Snow Leopard and Mountain Lion on it, using different *bench software.

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Mac OS X

Just decided to compare two systems running on my Hackintosh, since Lion occurred to be slower and slower every next day. So, here are the results of different tests:

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